Jam Orange Membership

JAM Orange welcomes both musicians and music lovers to join and support our activities. As a member of JAM Orange, you have the satisfaction of being part of a cooperative network, while gaining the extra benefits available to members:

  • Membership is required to perform* at any Jam event. Whilst membership is current, artists can register for open mic’s or be considered for selection to perform in any Jam event.
  • Your gigs/events added to our website events calendar and pushed out through Jam socials.*
  • Facebook page to keep you up to date with relevant events.
  • Voting rights at Special and Annual General Meetings of the Association.

Performer Membership is $20 p.a.

Supporters Membership is $12 p.a.

All memberships will renew on the anniversary of when the member joined. Memberships will be cancelled if your annual membership fee is not paid within 3 months of the due date.

By joining Jam Orange as a member, you are agreeing to support the Constitution  and the Objects of Association  of Jam Orange.

*Member benefits only apply to Performer Membership.